My nemesis – the onion.

I would guess that most gardeners have nemesis plant that they try to grow every year without much success. Mine would be the onion. I’ve tried growing them from seed. I’ve tried growing them from bulb sets. BUT this year is the first time I’m growing them from plants!

I was so excited to see onion plants / seedlings for sale at Home Depot. Unfortunately, in my state of exuberance, I forgot to take note of which ones I bought (and for some reason it isn’t listed on the tag)! I THINK I bought Walla Walla and maybe Red Onions (or at least they look kinda red?). Sigh, I really need to try to retain my composure while shopping for gardening supplies. The plants are sold by Bonnie and this is a link with their planting suggestions:


When I started digging up my wild backyard garlic, the area just kept getting bigger… and bigger… and that’s how I ended up with my cute onion patch!  Much to my dismay I already had a critter get in my little onion patch and dig some of it up. My guess is that it was the (evil) cat from across the street… or the really freaking fat bunny I saw in my neighbor’s yard. This was NOT the way I wanted to start this experiment out! Not to be defeated so early, I replanted a few of the plants that were completely dug up. Some seem to be thriving and some seem to be dying. Survival of the fittest, I guess.


I recently read that onions should be treated more like a lettuce plant rather than as a root vegetable suggesting that they should be planted much more shallowly than I would have ever thought to plant them. Maybe that’s what I’ve been doing wrong all along! Or, maybe my true nemesis is the evil cat that has a fetish for onions. Time shall tell!

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